BLACKPINK Fans Want Spotify to Apologize to Lisa

BLACKPINK Fans Want Spotify to Apologize to Lisa

by Justine Fisher

K-pop twitter is descending into chaos over a Spotify Wrapped error, and now BLACKPINK fans are demanding an apology.

Since Spotify released its “Top K-Pop Artists of 2022” playlist, the BTS and BLACKPINK fandoms have been feuding. After the streaming platform mistakenly altered the ranking from BTS’ Jungkook as the top soloist to BLACKPINK’s Lisa, the BTS Army attacked the “MONEY” singer. Lisa’s fans came to her defense.

BTS’ fanbase blamed Lisa for the error, implying fraud, bribery and sexual favors. Though Spotify soon clarified that Jungkook, who released several songs this year, was the number one soloist, it didn’t halt the onslaught of problematic tweets.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Spotify explained how multiple genre tags led to the differences in top ten lists. While they added, “We join the fans in celebrating the many achievements of BTS and regret this error,” Spotify did not reference BLACKPINK or Lisa.

In response, Lisa’s fans are circulating the now-trending phrase “Apologize to Lisa,” urging Spotify to take responsibility for the bullying campaign that played out on Twitter. With tweets and comments marked by slut shaming, xenophobia and body shaming aimed at Lisa, the fandom is seeking for the right people to take accountability.

If you thought your Spotify wrapped results were bad, Lisa’s may have been even worse.

Photo courtesy of The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images


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