Why Beyoncé and Jay-Z Won an LGBTQ+ Award

Why Beyoncé and Jay-Z Won an LGBTQ+ Award

On Thursday night, Mr. and Mrs. Carter were honored at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards with the prestigious Vanguard Award, which is given to members of the entertainment industry who do not identify as LGBTQ+, but have helped and made a difference in promoting LGBTQ+ rights.

But when it was announced that Beyoncé and Jay-Z would be the ones to receive the award, there was some backlash as a number of people raised eyebrows, and raised some serious questions regarding what the couple had done to deserve such recognition.

Stans, of course, immediately came to the defense of The Carters, saying that as opposed to being extremely public and loud about their support, their efforts have been low-key but substantial. This includes speaking out about North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ bathroom bill, supporting #100DaysofKindness for the LGBTQ youth, and Bey talking about her views and demands for equality in an interview with Out Magazine.

Instagram user @xannefleur, and Twitter account @BeyLegion listed all the things Bey and Jay have done in their career to deserve the award as true allies to the community. (Well, more Bey than Jay. But, as a team, they have been very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.)

While receiving the award, both gave powerful emotional speeches. "We're here to promote love for every human being and change starts with supporting the people closest to you," Beyonceé said. "So, let's tell them they are loved, let's remind them that they are beautiful, let's speak out and protect them, and parents, let's love our kids in their truest form."

Jay-Z dedicated the award to his mother Gloria Carter, who came out through his song "Smile" in 2017, and also received a GLAAD award. "I get to follow in her footsteps of spreading love and acceptance," he said.

Meanwhile, Bey was visibly emotional, and getting teary-eyed as she spoke of her uncle Johnny, who had helped raise her and Solange, and battled HIV. "He lived his truth. He was brave and unapologetic during a time when this country wasn't as accepting," she said. "Witnessing his battle with HIV was one of the most painful experiences I've ever lived."

Watch clips from their speech below.

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