Jay-Z's Instagram Didn't Last Long

Jay-Z's Instagram Didn't Last Long

Update 11/4/21:And as quickly as it came, it is once again already gone. The day after rejoining the social media platform, Jay-Z has deleted his Instagram. The rapper hasn't given any reason behind his sudden departure or whether or not he plans to make a return in the future but we can at least enjoy it while it lasted.

As if she hadn't already made it abundantly clear, Beyoncé officially declared husband Jay-Z her one and only — throwing the rapper her first ever Instagram follow.

Jay-Z joined the platform this week as a part of his promo for the upcoming Netflix film The Harder They Fall, which is set to premiere today. For his first-ever grid and story posts on his freshly created account, Jay-Z shared a poster for the movie which was promptly reposted by Beyoncé. And though he may have only just joined, Jay-Z has already amassed over two million followers.

Jay-Z recently collaborated with Kid Cudi on "Guns Go Blazing" offThe Harder They Fall soundtrack. The Jeymes Samuel-direced western, which stars Jonathan Majors and features Idris Elba, Regina King, Zazie Beetz and Lakeith Stanfield, is expected to be an Oscars contender.

To be fair, according to New York Daily this isn't the first time Jay-Z has dipped his toe into the Instagram waters. Back in 2015, the rapper apparently briefly made an unverified account to share a tribute to Michael Jackson but ended up deleting it just a few hours later.

Also, just in case you were worried, Jay-Z did in fact follow Beyoncé back.

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