Bethenny Frankel Says Kylie Jenner's New Makeup Is a 'Scam'

Bethenny Frankel Says Kylie Jenner's New Makeup Is a 'Scam'

Bethenny Frankel has some harsh criticism of Kylie Jenner's new lip kit.

Earlier this week, the former Real Housewives of New York City star took to Instagram to give her two cents about the makeup mogul's new "Birthday PR Box" drop — and the review wasn't positive.

Coming in hot with the caption "girl, don’t do it, it’s not worth it,” the video sees Bethenny going through the "Birthday" Lip Crayon Set and Lip Gloss Set, a three-piece set that retails for $175 and comes packaged in a keepsake box in honor of Kylie's 25th birthday. However, it seems as if the purchase was far from worth it in the eyes of the self-professed Kylie Cosmetics fan, who apparently had a problem with the box itself.

“I'm confused," Bethenny said, referring to the fact that the same exact products are featured in Kylie's $58 "Birthday Bundle," meaning that consumers are paying an extra $117 for "a box that you’re going to throw in the garbage."

"Unless you have a hamster that you're gonna put in here," the 51-year-old reality icon quipped, explaining she assumed that "something had to be different" about the "Birthday PR Box," especially given the high price point. “They are the same except for the box. That’s a scam. How stupid do we have to be?"

She added, "I mean, I’m a sucker, I like the packaging, but where you [lost] me is when you scammed me.”

And even worse? It turns out that Kylie Cosmetics doesn't accept returns, which Bethenny responded to by saying, "I might go to the mall and get myself a hamster.” Perhaps to join the other one she bought for Kim Kardashian's Skkn by Kim packaging.

Kylie has yet to respond to the not-so-rave review. In the meantime though, you can watch Bethenny's video for yourself below.

Photos via Shutterstock / Kathy Hutchins