Bella Thorne and Her Fiancé Have Broken Up

Bella Thorne and Her Fiancé Have Broken Up

Bella Thorne and fiancé Benjamin Mascolo called off their engagement after more than a year.

According to an exclusive report from People, the former couple made the decision to go their separate ways, with a source telling the publication there's no bad blood between the two and that they ended things on good terms.

"Their conflicting schedules led to a lot of time apart that eventually resulted in the breakup," the insider revealed. "But the two have parted ways amicably."

Mascolo also confirmed the split later that day in an Instagram post in which he wrote, "I wish only the best for this person and I will always be there for her."

"I'm deeply grateful for every single moment we shared together since," the Italian singer added, calling Thorne "the most amazing human being" before saying their breakup was "by no means a failure on either side." Granted, he also went on to allude to the "many people I've hurt selfishly following my ego" and said he took "full responsibility" for "all the things I could and should have done better."

In contrast to Mascolo's lengthy statement, Thorne kept things simple by uploading a selfie to her Instagram Story and writing, "i broke up with ben for my own reasons please stop asking this is a personal matter."

The pair were first spotted together in April 2019, just a few days after Thorne's breakup with musician Mod Sun. Two years later, they announced their engagement by sharing photos of Thorne's pear-shaped engagement ring last year. However, it appeared as if they'd already been engaged for a few months at that point, seeing as how Thorne posted a photo of Mascolo with some wedding rings and the caption "big announcement coming soon" back in January 2021.

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