Watch Bella Hadid Recreate a Classic 'Lizzie McGuire' Scene

Watch Bella Hadid Recreate a Classic 'Lizzie McGuire' Scene

by Riley Runnells

Bella Hadid had a "picture perfect plan" when she attempted to recreate an iconic Lizzie McGuire scene with good friend Devon Carlson. In an Instagram post, the model shared a video of her dancing on the beach with a beer while singing.

"Swipe to see the way @devonleecarlson and I have one beer and try to make a reboot Lizzie McGuire music video," Hadid wrote in the post. "she eggs me on. it's absolute not ok, I agree."

Hadid rocked a yellow bikini while mouthing the words to Atomic Kitten's "The Tide is High," just like McGuire — played by Hilary Duff — did in The Lizzie McGuire Movie in 2003.

Carlson posted her own video on Instagram that was also shared on TikTok, showing herself and friends mouthing the words to Nicki Minaj's verse on the Young Money single, "Bedrock," which was captioned "10s across the board."

Both videos were instant serotonin boosters, but Hadid's had the added nostalgia of all that was great about Lizzie McGuire. Revisit the scene with this bootleg video, below.

Photo via Rowben Lantion/