Bayli Perfectly Embodies New York City's Summer Spirit

Bayli Perfectly Embodies New York City's Summer Spirit

New York in the summer is not necessarily easy. There are the long, sweaty commutes; the long, sweaty walks back to your apartment; the long, sweaty nights when your air conditioning breaks. But there's also a palpable shift in mood: New Yorkers are lighter, brighter and more tolerant in the summertime, sunning in Central Park and taking day trips to see the best of the city. It's these moments that make the daily drudgery worth it, and Bayli encapsulates them perfectly in her new video for "Mind Your Own Business: Or Whatever."

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The Brooklyn-native is famous for genre-blending, hip-hop, rock and soul, something she expertly navigates on "MYOB" with the help of songwriting supernovas Alex Hope, Justin Tranter and Sasha Sloan to create a true summer anthem. The video is the perfect accompaniment to the track, featuring Bayli and her girls tearing up the city in all its most iconic locations: Chinatown, Brooklyn rooftops and so on.

"The song speaks volumes to me even more now than when I wrote it about a year ago," the songstress says of the track. "When I started focusing on myself more and "minding my own business," my world began to open with all different types of blessings and opportunities."

She continues: "We had absolutely no budget to shoot this video but we somehow got it done in three days...I hope this is a testament [to the fact] DIY and independent artists ain't going nowhere! We coming in for the win! It was also important to me that I bring people into my small yet excited little world here in the best city on earth, New York City."

Check out the video, below, and stay tuned for Bayli's mixtape, dropping this summer.