Learn to Love Yourself with BAUM'S Top Tips for Self-Care

Learn to Love Yourself with BAUM'S Top Tips for Self-Care

Alt-pop angel BAUM is already claiming space in the industry for embedding her music with honest, relatable messages.

For Los Angeles-based artist's latest release, "The Body," BAUM penned an essay addressing catcalling, her battle with eating disorders and emphasizing the importance of body positivity. In a time when women are having to fight for the right to manage their own bodies, BAUM could not be more vital.

"When I see a quote that makes smile or a picture of someone owning their body, I feel companionship, knowing that we're all in it together, and I feel empowered myself," she wrote. "If I can do that for someone else, then I will know I have accomplished something huge."

To celebrate today's track, BAUM has created a photo diary for PAPER to document the rituals that put her in the best frame of mind. Each is an expression of self-love, creating a positive atmosphere for the singer where she is able to decompress and return to her regular routine with less stress. From lying with your fingers in the sand to writing what/who you're grateful for, she has some great ideas that are certainly worth considering the next time you're struggling.

Check out BAUM's self-care photo diary, below, and read her full essay here.

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