Barry Jenkins Live-Tweeting 'Notting Hill' Will Leave You Breathless

Barry Jenkins Live-Tweeting 'Notting Hill' Will Leave You Breathless

It's clear that we are undeserving of Barry Jenkins. Although the director could forever rest after giving us his flawless (Oscar-winning) exploration of sexuality and masculinity in the coming-of-age film Moonlight, he has now taken it upon himself to provide his invaluable insight on the 1999 cult romantic comedy, Notting Hill.

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Watching the film on a flight over a woman's shoulder (without sound, of course), Jenkins began live-tweeting his experience. Everything started with some harmless comments on the fact that star Julia Roberts, who plays a famous actress in the movie, is wildly out of the bookstore-owner's league (Hugh Grant), and evolved into an in-depth evaluation of gentrification and diversity in film.

Oh, Jenkins also revealed he was drunk. Icons only. Let's dive in, shall we?

Jenkins says Julia Roberts is "STUNNING" in Notting Hill:

Jenkins offers a technical critique:

Jenkins has soundtrack suggestions:

Jenkins believes Roberts is out of Grant's league:

Jenkins confirms Roberts is just "TEW MUCH FOR HUGH:"

Jenkins gets emotional after sad song on his iTunes matches sad scene in Notting Hill:

Jenkins is delighted at the sight of (presumably) Rhys Ifans:

Jenkins is shocked at the sight of a woman in a wheelchair, and thinks he should stop drinking:

Jenkins is confused that Grant might be shaving, and calls out the director:

Jenkins talks gentrification:

Jenkins is starting to get it:

Jenkins would really love to see any person who isn't white on screen:

Jenkins is squealing:

Jenkins has more technical critiques:

Jenkins needs some audience participation:

Jenkins can see Roberts is pissed, but doesn't know why — now Jenkins is pissed:

Jenkins is impressed by the makeup:

Jenkins gets it pt. II:

Jenkins stans Roberts:

Jenkins is close to the end:

Jenkins stans Roberts pt. II:

Jenkins is angry:

Jenkins is in way too deep:

Jenkins is "shooketh!!!:"

Jenkins thinks Grant should be humble:

Jenkins needs coffee:

Jenkins has very little love for the press:

Jenkins is somehow still going, as are we:


Jenkins has a lot of love for Roberts' eyebrows:

Jenkins needs sound:

Jenkins can't:

Jenkins has whiplash:

Jenkins is done:

Jenkins did a good thing:

Hats off, Barry Jenkins.

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