Balenciaga and Crocs Are Back at it Again

Balenciaga and Crocs Are Back at it Again

by Matthew Velasco

Nature is healing. Restaurants and cafes are reopening. Fashion shows are returning to in-person settings. But most importantly, Balenciaga and Crocs are collaborating again.

Balenciaga's Spring 2022 collection—titled "Clones"—created a certain buzz that only creative director Demna Gvasalia can bring about. Every look in the collection seems to be modelled by artist Eliza Douglas—but in true Gvasalia fashion, Douglas' face was CG-scanned onto various "deep-fake" models. Catfish, but make it high fashion.

Amidst a collection-wide exploration of technology and identity, the house also toyed with archival silhouettes and continued the notorious "Gucciaga" hacking with GG motifs and Gucci-esque accessories. Gvasalia's knack for exaggerated silhouettes was evident—sculptural shoulders, towering puffer jackets, and graphic motifs stole the show. With nods to the house's iconic DNA also came cyber-goth trousers, playful tracksuits and a Simpsons hoodie.

In addition to tailoring know-how and pop-culture nods, the brand's revitalization of its notorious 2018 collaboration with Crocs certainly shocked (and delighted) onlookers. Different from the first partnership between the two, the Spring iterations come in the form of a rubber high-heel and a lug-soled rain boot in all black and lime-green colorways.

Though the rain-boot is very utilitarian, the Balenciaga x Croc pump definitely stole the show. Retaining the shape of the classic clog, the croc-pump is the best of both worlds. I mean, who doesn't want to wear these now that clubs are reopening?

Below, the Internet's best reactions to the new Balenciaga Crocs 2.0

Photos courtesy of Balenciaga