Are Crocs a Sign of BDE?

Are Crocs a Sign of BDE?

Comfort, style, affordability, whimsy: Crocs have come to symbolize many things over the years, but could the foam clog also be sign that the wearer is also packing some serious meat? According to Charli XCX, it does.

Having only just now discovered the joys of Crocs, the CRASH singer took to Twitter to share her newfound love of the footwear brand as well as muse about whether or not a person that is frequently seen sporting a pair exhibits signs of Big Dick Energy. "I feel like if ur a man who fully commits to crocs then u probs have a big dick?? that’s just the vibe I get," Charli wrote.

Today, Crocs have gone from the object of critical derision to a coveted collectable. Crocs' sales have reached all time highs and it hasn't become entirely uncommon place to see stars sporting a pair on the red carpet. Perhaps, its the latter's adoption by Hollywood's more fashionably adventurous crowd that has given Charli the impression that the clogs have a direct correlation to confidence.

Then again, Guy Fieri has been a long-time proponent of Crocs before they were cool so maybe we shouldn't be that surprised after all.

As far as once polarizing footwear goes, Crocs have undergone one of the most radical public image rehabilitations over the past few years. From Demna's elevation to runways of Balenciaga to the brand's litany of all-star collabs with celebrities like Post Malone, Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber as well as streetwear labels and designers like Pleasures, Carrots, Salehe Bembury, Nicole McLaughlin and more, Crocs have done the otherwise unthinkable and gone from decidedly "Not" to certifiably "Hot."

Now with Charli XCX's BDE endorsement, the sky seems to be the limit.

Photo via Getty/Chris Pizzello-Pool