This T-Shirt Supports the Victims of the Bronx Fire

This T-Shirt Supports the Victims of the Bronx Fire

On January 9, a devastating fire in a Bronx apartment building left at least 19 dead and dozens more wounded in what has been called one of New York City's worst fires in decades. (Fire officials said the cause was a defective space heater that had been running for days.)

Some remain hospitalized with severe injuries and burns while other victims lost their homes entirely. Bronx-native Ricardo Rodriguez, an influential streetwear and sneaker specialist and owner of No Marketing agency, saw an opportunity to give back to his community and support the victims.

To help bring more awareness, he teamed up with Awake NY, alongside other brands and collectives with ties to the community (including Ghetto Gastro, Luar and Fear of God), on a T-shirt designed by legendary Bronxite and graffiti artist Phade. All proceeds will go to Until Freedom, a nonprofit organization in touch with teams on the ground in the Bronx.

"The Bronx is not just a home, but a world of culture," Rodriguez wrote on Instagram. "Preserving this culture is important for past, current, and future generations as we evolve in our society. We come together today to shed light on the injustices that families living within low-incoming housing face."

The T-shirt costs $60 and is available for pre-order now until Monday, January 17.

Photo via Awake NY


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