AVAVAV's Beate Karlsson on Why She Had Models Fall Down the Runway

AVAVAV's Beate Karlsson on Why She Had Models Fall Down the Runway

Models slipping and tripping isn't that uncommon these days (some designers still can't get the shoes right it seems), but it is when every model in your lineup is falling over for the entirety of a show.

In Milan last week, the AVAVAV show saw models tumbling down the runway in dramatic fashion, which at first appeared to be cause for concern until guests got the hint that this was some sort of performance art.

The Florence-based brand, led by Swedish creative director Beate Karlsson, was making its runway show debut after building a cult following over the years for its monstrous claw shoes and freaky footwear (as seen on Doja Cat).

Titled "Filthy Rich," her Spring 2023 collection doubles as commentary on the industry’s obsession with wealth and status. through insane pieces like bootleg logos embellished on maxi dresses.

"I wanted todo a parody of a fashion show to go with the pathetic theme of this collection, and of fashion’s extreme superficiality, at a time when so many fake richness but risk to fall down," Karlsson says.

Among those extreme pieces are furry boots that stretch from the foot and all the way up to the waist, creating an illusion of cosplay monster legs, and a silver necklace made up by three Rolex watches (which will sell for $300k).

“In many ways, this collection and the runway show is a parody of fashion, of how we dress to mediate status through wealth. I see this as an absurd period for us at a time when the world faces so many challenges and I encourage people to laugh with and at us and make the best of the dire situation.”

Photos courtesy of AVAVAV/ Federico Pompei