All the Astroworld Lawsuits Are Getting Rolled Into One Case

All the Astroworld Lawsuits Are Getting Rolled Into One Case

Three months after a crowd rush at Travis Scott's Astroworld festival left 10 people dead and hundreds of others injured, the victims and organizers have come together to consolidate the lawsuits filed into one big case.

A Texas court panel has agreed to grant a request to hear all 387 individually filed lawsuits — representing over 2,800 alleged victims — as one all-encompassing case in the interest of expediency, given the similarities between claims. The lawsuit looks to hold Travis Scott and promoter Live Nation accountable for negligence related to the planning and construction of Astroworld, namely the lack of crowd control, emergency response measures and the failure to provide adequate care, with the plaintiffs seeking billions of dollars in damages.

As Billboard points out, this type of case consolidation in large-scale civil lawsuits is pretty much common practice and tends to make settlements easier to negotiate for both parties involved. In case the class action litigation doesn't pan out, it doesn't rule out the possibility of a couple of individual cases being a benchmark for judges to gauge how to settle similar lawsuits.

Travis Scott has previously asked the courts to dismiss the multiple lawsuits related to Astroworld, submitting a "general denial" of liability response to the multiple civil suits currently pending. Scoot already issued full refunds for everyone that was in attendance at the ill-fated festival and even offered to pay the funeral costs for those who died, though many of the victims' families have already refused the offer.

Photo via Getty/ Alex Bierens de Haan