Travis Scott Allegedly Assaults Nightclub Employee

Travis Scott Allegedly Assaults Nightclub Employee

Travis Scott is suspected of assaulting a New York City nightclub employee.

According to law enforcement sources speaking to TMZ, the NYPD is currently looking to question the "Sicko Mode" rapper about two accusations of assault and criminal mischief stemming from an alleged altercation at Nebula in Midtown early Wednesday morning. Scott's accuser — a sound engineer at the venue — claimed that the musician punched the left side of his face and damaged his property, which is believed to be a cell phone. Authorities said the man doesn't have any visible injuries.

In addition to the assault, Scott was also alleged to have damaged an estimated $12,000 worth of equipment in the process, including a speaker and video screen. The outlet later went on to report that surveillance footage shows Scott "clearly agitated with someone in the DJ booth," who he appears to push in the chest and say "back the fuck off" prior to the incident. As for what caused the alleged assault, an eyewitness told TMZ that Scott tried to play DJ and became angry after the volume was turned down.

That said, TMZ was told by Scott's representative, Ted Anastasiou, that he was at Nebula for a surprise DJ set after rapper Don Toliver's performance. The "Highest in the Room" artist had apparently joined Toliver on-stage during the latter's performance at Irving Plaza earlier that evening.

The celebrity news organization also reported that Anastasiou went on to say the allegations were part of a "potential cash grab," though Scott is still willing to cooperate with law enforcement "to get the whole thing resolved." The rapper's attorney, Mitchell Schuster, echoed Anastasiou's statement by telling TMZ that "this is clearly a misunderstanding" and his team is "confident our client will be cleared of any wrongdoing.” The managing partner of Nebula, Richie Romero, also claimed that "it was a great night" and the report was "blown completely out of proportion."

You read TMZ's entire report about the alleged altercation here.

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