Ashley Olsen Got Secretly Married

Ashley Olsen Got Secretly Married

Last year, many of us learned about "quiet quitting": the phenomenon of putting in the minimum effort required to get by in one's job. For 2023, we're hoping "quiet marrying" catches on.

Eschewing the usual fanfare and glossy magazine spreads that seem to accompany traditional celebrity weddings, former child-star-turned-fashion-mogul Ashley Olsen has gotten married on the down-low to artist Louis Eisner in what was reported to be a small and intimate ceremony. According to Page Six, the wedding was held December 28 at a private Bel-Air residence with about 50 or so guests in attendance. There aren't many other details apart from the fact that it allegedly "went late."

It probably shouldn't come as a complete surprise that Olsen and Eisner didn't publicize their wedding given that they've been notoriously private since they started dating in 2017. The couple has rarely appeared in public together, and the only indication that the two might have been engaged was Olsen being spotted with a ring on her left hand in 2019. They're so far out of the public eye that Eisner made headlines after posting a candid photo of Olsen in 2021, confirming that the lovebirds were still going strong.

Ashley Olsen's secret ceremony sounds like a stark departure from her twin sister Mary-Kate's 2015 wedding to Oliver Sarkozy, which famously featured “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night.” She would later file for divorce from the French banker in 2020, with the subsequent proceedings over Zoom proving to be the perfect pandemic meme fodder.

As for the third Olsen sister Elizabeth, the WandaVision star seems to take more after Ashley, having quietly eloped with husband Robbie Arnett just before lockdown in 2020. It wouldn't be until 2021 that we learned the two had gotten hitched after she nonchalantly let it slip in a Variety interview.

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