You Can Now Worship at the Altar of Mary-Kate Olsen

You Can Now Worship at the Altar of Mary-Kate Olsen

How much do you love Mary-Kate Olsen? Sure, you may have indulged in a little When in Rome or Passport to Paris, your parents may have gifted you the new Elizabeth James fragrance for Christmas, but do you really love Mary-Kate Olsen? Enough to give up all false idols and worship Mary-Kate and only Mary-Kate as your God? I should hope so, because a new worship service exclusively for Mary-Kate Olsen is coming to Brooklyn.

"Mary-Kate Olsen Is Our God" will take place tomorrow night and only costs $5 for what is bound to be a truly immersive Mary-Kate experience at Brooklyn's underground club/theater Cloud City. Creators/pastors Natasha Vaynblat, Jessie Jolles, and Katie Hartman have had the concept in the works for a long time.

The Olsen-obsessived toldi-D that 2018 was the year to pay Mary-Kate the tribute she deserves after hearing someone in a coffee shop criticizing Mary-Kate for not reprising her role as Michelle Tanner in Fuller House.

"We were in shock and horror, how could someone forget all the love and movies that Mary-Kate had given us?" Jessie said. "How dare they ask her to share a role again with her twin! She needed to honored, she needed to be worshiped."

While co-founder Vaynblat was born in Russia and learned American culture via Kirstie Alley-classic It Takes Two, Jolles embraces a new cinematic version of Mary-Kate everyday.

"We always say you are in some state of Mary Kate everyday," Jolles said. "Some days you're straight to VHS style and don't feel like dealing with 'the man' telling you what kind of videos you can make. Then other days you might be Billboard Dad and feel like giving back!"

Hartman told i-D that now is the best era of Mary-Kate, particularly given her and Ashley are no long indistinguishable and each have their own projects on the go. "She's officially separated from that twin (of whom we DO NOT SPEAK) and found herself an old French man. It's every little girl's dream!"

Head down to Cloud City tomorrow night, January 10, at 8 pm to share your love for Mary-Kate Olsen yourself — but leave your Ashley Olsen fandom at the door.

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