Enter the Desert With A R I Z O N A

Enter the Desert With A R I Z O N A

Don't let their name fool you. New Jersey electro-pop trio A R I Z O N A have quickly become staples across the festival circuit with their high-energy live shows. Now three years on since their sophomore album ASYLUM, they're ready to usher in another chapter of their career with new music and a special announcement that they've signed with legendary label Fueled by Ramen.

The band returns this week with their new single, “Moving On,” Tapping back into their signature sound of upbeat synths and sentimental pop hooks, the head-bopping song ushers in the new era for the band and marks their first original work in over four years.

Accompanying the track is a desert-themed and surprisingly architectural music video filmed in Round Rock, Arizona, a nod to the band’s namesake and deep appreciation for the state. The video was made in collaboration with renowned land artist Jim Denevan with the help of Navajo Nation and his son, Brighton. The hardworking crew dug intricate sculptures in the sand which surround the band as they perform on top of a small, mirrored stage, letting the beauty of the desert speak for itself.

This is the start of an exciting year for Zachary Charles (lead vocals), Nate Esquite (guitar) and David Labuguen (keys), as they prepare for a must-see tour across the US this summer with Quinn XCII. Indeed, “Moving On” is only the beginning for the band, a return to their roots and a reminder to their fans that no one makes feel-good pop jams like A R I Z O N A.

Below, watch the video for "Moving On" and check out exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot.

A R I Z O N A getting cozy onstage.

Photos courtesy of Abi Polinsky and A R I Z O N A