The Brand Bringing Supernova Explosions Into Skincare

The Brand Bringing Supernova Explosions Into Skincare

Joy Isaacs is fresh off the boat from London and in town to promote her ultra-luxe skincare label, Argentum, which until now only retailed in the UK and France. Sitting through a litany of press interviews, the skincare entrepreneur isn't exhausted, but genuinely excited to talk about her venture — something that literally stemmed out of a dream she had about incorporating actual silver into everyday skincare.

Isaacs applies a point blank, no-fuss approach to describing her label, breaking down the exact formulas created to target a range of skin ailments. Developed under the careful tutelage of pioneering scientists in dermo-cosmetics, you are instinctively drawn to put some stock into her word. Isaacs claims that not only can silver hydrosol and DNA HP — the two key ingredients in her products — provide phenomenal anti-aging benefits, but they also cure acne and eczema. "I had grown up in South Africa knowing about colloidal silver and its use for cuts, burns, grazes, or eye infections just from health food shops, so I had always known about silver's antibacterial properties," she said. "After my kids, I had to have a hernia repair surgery that went wrong. I got an infection and antibiotics didn't work, so the doctors started to use the very expensive silver impregnated dressings which had silver mesh. That was amazing in the way it healed."

Years later when the London-based founder met with a top French scientist, they experimented with the formula to create her hero product: La Potion Infinie, a multi-tasking face, eye and neck cream, and a one-stop solution that is supposed to replace all your serums and face oils. "It's quite a unique stance where we've taken colloidal silver and we use silver hydrosol, which is the purest and finest in its category, and we've replaced the water content in our product with it," Isaacs said. "There is a lab in France that extracts this DNA polymer and what it does is carry 10,000 times its weight in water and delivers it straight into the inter-cellular pace of the skin. That's 10 times more effective than the hyaluronic acid that everyone is using."

I've personally had some unfortunate experiences with skincare products that used strong chemical formulations in their manufacturing process. So I'm naturally inclined to wonder if her products could possibly have negative reactions or harmful side effects in the long run, especially if you have sensitive skin. "Silver is something that should be part of the human diet, it's been used for milk and found in our land," she said. "One of the interesting things scientists have just discovered about silver is that it's actually from supernova explosions of the stars, it wasn't formed in the Earth's core! So it's quite a magical substance."

The entrepreneur said she wanted to make the product as natural as possible, "So we have a 99.5 percent Natural Origins rating with a 0.5 percent in grade-free preservative that you would eat in a chocolate pudding. That probably makes us a very high science yet crazy natural create — something that you wouldn't normally find. That's very important to us, our packaging is all recycled and made in the UK. We even use a sugar glue to seal the boxes, so even that is edible — nothing toxic."

Yet, if silver hydrosol does have such transformational properties, why isn't any other major brand selling it? Well, for one, Argentum has patented both silver hydrosol and DNA HP across nine different countries. And at $225 for a bottle of moisturizer, it's a pretty steep price point. "I probably think people are not using it because it's so expensive. It is a very expensive raw material which has incredible restoration properties and pH properties. So the combination of keeping the skin bacteria free and, plus the regeneration, plus the unique hydration system make it a very effective product"

With this latest debut into the American market, Issacs hopes to introduce her extensively tested formula to a global audience of skincare addicts.

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Lead photo courtesy of Getty / Product photos courtesy of Argentum