Sorry to Angelina Jolie’s Hair Extensions

Sorry to Angelina Jolie’s Hair Extensions

Before we jump into the faux hair malfunction we must first address how objectively incredible Angelina Jolie's dress was: a sickening, metal mesh Atelier Versace column gown that was cinched, draped and snatched in all the right places. The living embodiment of "statuesque," if you will.

So it was a surprise (or refreshing, depending who you are, to see something so flawed on a stunning person) when she turned around to reveal a such a sloppy hair extension job. Was it simply unfinished or is whoever set them in actually a friend of Jennifer Aniston as some Twitter users joked? Is somebody getting fired?

Of course, such wardrobe mishaps are undoubtedly of least concern to a humanitarian as legendary as Ms. Jolie. She was in Rome for the ongoing press tour of her new Disney film "Eternals" and brought some of her kids again to the red carpet. Imagine following your mom to work all over the world as she's decked out in couture.

Still, the way whoever did the hair didn't even attempt to brush in the extensions... it's the audacity for me. Many users had a nice laugh about the whole thing, naturally. *Insert "Stars, they're just like us!" quip here.* First it was Angelina's leg, now her botched hair job? Your icons could never. Below, a roundup of reactions to Angelina Hair Gate 2021.

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