Amber Rose Apologizes for Her 'Kartrashians' Post

Amber Rose Apologizes for Her 'Kartrashians' Post

Amber Rose has apologized for an old tweet which referred to the Kardashians as the "Kartrashians."

Back in 2015, the model tweeted that she would leave the "Kartrashians" to "humiliate" ex Kanye West once they were "done" with him. However, Rose now says she's remorseful about hitting "post" amid Ye's airing of dirty laundry and his public accusations against estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, and she wants to make it clear that she's sorry.

On Sunday, Rose took to her Instagram Story to write "man fuck that old ass tweet, before saying, "Shit was old and immature af of me to involve the KarDASHians in the mess" the rapper — who she dated from 2008 to 2010 — had made for himself.

Rose then added that despite never receiving an apology from Ye about his "'30 showers'" comment, in which he insulted Rose by saying he had "to take 30 showers" prior to getting with Kardashian, "Kim nor her sisters deserved that tweet and y'all shouldn't co-sign that either."

She also went on to note that Ye's slut-shaming was part of the impetus for her Slutwalk campaign, which has "helped millions of women around the world stand up for themselves against slut shaming so something amazing came out of it."

The Kardashians, however, have yet to respond to Rose's apology.

Photo via Getty / Nicholas Hunt