Alice Glass Bursts Into Full Bloom in New 'Without Love' Video

Alice Glass Bursts Into Full Bloom in New 'Without Love' Video

Since first leaving Crystal Castles in 2014 (and leaving a host of misunderstood teenagers crushed in her wake, me included), Alice Glass has kept the world waiting with bated breath for any sign of what to expect from the singer's first album as a solo artist. After giving us a peak with a single she released the following year, it now seems like the fashion favorite is ready to officially launch her career.

Today, Glass shared the video for her latest single, "Without Love," and I speak with all seriousness when I say: it. is. perfect. With flowers stained in blood, lots of latex, and...bunnies, it's an instantly recognizable blend of beauty and macabre that will make any former Crystal Castles fan stare in awe. Though "Without Love" is remarkably more somber in tone than the singer's head-thrashing HEALTH-produced first post-Crystal Castles track Stillbirth, lyrically, this new single wrestles with the same themes: abuse, violence, and redemption. There is even an allusion to one of her former band's best (and most surprisingly gentle) songs: "Tell me what to spit / Don't tell me what to swallow."

The singer will also be touring with Marilyn Manson this fall because...duh.

Watch below.

Splash photo via YouTube