Watch Adonis Bosso's Animated 'No More' Video With Slick Woods

Watch Adonis Bosso's Animated 'No More' Video With Slick Woods

Adonis Bosso's new music video for "No More" is a whimsical adventure through time and space.

Co-starring Bosso's IRL partner Slick Woods, the intrepid visual — put together by the team at Dynasty Animation — mirrors the song's message of love being a "chase" by ushering us into an anime-inspired dream world. However, underlining this journey from spaceships to ancient civilizations is also a reflection of the real-world relationships that turn into "a marathon... with someone that can handle the obstacles and the rocky roads with you."

"We choose our partner every day. Regardless of our partner's imperfections, we are willing to them every day... or not," he said, before calling "No More" a "breakup or make up song."

"It's about choosing, do you stay or leave when you have been hurt?" he explained. "When me and [producer] IkxnnX met up to make this record, we both were in unsure points in our respective relationships. It's only after making the beat and finishing writing the song that we talked about our personal experience and understood the real meaning of the song."

But through thick and thin, what Bosso ultimately wanted to do was devise a video for the couple's son as part of his quest to "leave little journals and little time capsules of things for him to understand who his parents are."

"What better way to do so then to have a cartoon where his mom and dad are both superheroes?," he added. And, honestly, we agree.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "No More" and stream Adonis Bosso's track, below.

Photo courtesy of Adonis Bosso