Adele's Speech at Gender-Neutral BRIT Awards Divides Fans

Adele's Speech at Gender-Neutral BRIT Awards Divides Fans

Adele fans are divided over her recent acceptance speech.

After making her first red carpet appearance in five years, the "Easy on Me" singer swept the 2022 BRIT Awards, winning big in all the major categories, including Best Song, Best Album and Best Artist. However, one particular comment she made while accepting the Artist of the Year honor has sparked some online debate, especially given the ceremony's new emphasis on gender-neutrality.

"I understand why the name of this award has changed," Adele said during her speech, acknowledging the BRITs's decision to scrap gendered categories in an effort to be inclusive and recognize nonbinary artists like Sam Smith. That said, she then went on to say that "I really love being a woman and being a female artist. I do," before adding that she was "really proud of us," likely referring to women artists as a whole — a statement that ended up angering a number of fans.

According to The London Times, several Twitter users accused the star of transphobia, with one person writing, “Please, no, ADELE can’t be a TERF. That last comment, though ambiguous, could be perceived as TERF-y. Please no.”

Another wrote, "Lost a lot of respect for Adele,wish her the best of luck but will not spend a cent on her music and what sux I really liked her,sad but life goes on tyvm."

Granted, the vast majority of people pushed back on the accusation, arguing that people were misconstruing her words as she was likely alluding to the fact that she "triumphed in a male-dominated industry."

"She's [sic] every right to celebrate being a successful woman. If that bothers you, then the issue is your misogyny," a defender wrote, while a second supporter added, "Combined male and female awards. She meant what she said. To be inclusive, we always have compete with men, and we can in music, but score will be kept. Hate to have to compete when when the other sex is overdue."

Meanwhile, others took issue with what they called the liberal use of "TERF" and said it "exposes how low the bar is & how high the cost is for a woman who speaks the truth without first considering if deranged men are OK with it."

Adele has yet to comment on the debate.

Photo via Getty / David M. Benett