Aaron Philip Made Her Runway Debut for Willie Norris

Aaron Philip Made Her Runway Debut for Willie Norris

by Taylor Roberts

If you felt the earth shift slightly last night, it was the impact of a star being born. In fact, the star has already been born, and last night she expanded right before our very eyes.

Aaron Philip made her runway debut closing WILLIENORRIS WORKSHOP, and everyone blessed enough to witness the moment was certainly fed well. Philip wrote in an Instagram post, "Baby's first runway, no more excuses. Take notes because me as a runway model truly is more than possible," reminding the fashion industry that the wheelchair-using trans model is going to continue to serve and that anyone like her is more than capable of doing so as well.

After the show, Aaron was flooded with love from her adoring admirers, myself included, and was moved to tears, writing in an Instagram story post: "I cried like a baby after this." This is a huge first for Miss Philip, but make no mistake, we are witnessing a bag being built! With a Sephora campaign and an Elite contract, this is what the birth of a legend looks like, folks!

Photography: Eli Schmidt