A.Rod Has Had a Crush on J.Lo Since 1998

A.Rod Has Had a Crush on J.Lo Since 1998

Jennifer Lopez should be given more credit for her string of handsome, high profile boyfriends. The woman has taste! After a dalliance with P.Diddy in 2000, she romanced Ben Affleck at his career peak, then moved on to fellow musician Marc Anthony, with whom she made beautiful music and children. There was that iconic fling with Drake, and now she's with Alex Rodriguez, who proposed in March. They are perfect together, and this one might just stick.

For evidence, please see this adorable video of a baby faced 23-year-old A.Rod gushing about how Jennifer Lopez is his "dream date." It dates back to 1998, when J.Lo wasn't even J.Lo yet. She was more known for her acting work at the time.

"I just had a feeling," Rodriguez commented when posting the vintage footage to his grid yesterday. "OMG... i love this too much," his fiancee replied. I love them! Drake would never! This is exactly why we have the internet. Thank you, TV sports journalism, for asking the important questions.

All boyfriends are now canceled until they can provide archival evidence of their love.

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