5 Beautifully Bizarre Makeup Trends

5 Beautifully Bizarre Makeup Trends

For Denmark-based makeup artist Sofie Petersen, Instagram has become a space to freely unleash her most unorthodox beauty ideas, from crown-shaped eyebrows to pierced lashes and melting eyelids.

Her polarizing looks are either loved or loathed, shared wildly across the Internet and challenging viewers to question why they've been trained to think about makeup within such strict standards.

We asked the burgeoning artist to create five original beauty looks, all of which she says were inspired by "natural, everyday elements." Check them out and learn more about Petersen's gorgeous outsider work, below.

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How did you first get started with beauty?

I always liked make-up as a teenager — didn't see it as an art form, but just a way to get pretty. Then I stopped going to school and wanted something to spend my time on, so I got a job at a perfume counter in a department store and became a part of this beauty universe which inspired me to play more with make-up. I got addicted to it, and instantly fell in love with colors, glitters and textures.

You stretch the boundaries of makeup — is this a conscious effort?

Yes — In my teen years, I always cared too much about fitting in and looking like people expected me to. It resulted in mental illness. I'm feeling much better now, and the better I got, the more I needed to get away from people's expectations and say "fuck it." I guess that's why I now love to provoke and stretch boundaries with my looks, because it gives me a feeling of being free.

Why do you focus primarily on the eyes?

To me it's the most personal part of the face. I don't feel like I can express myself the same way with other parts of the body. I love the elements of the eye and the shapes you can work with.

Why do you think you get a reaction out of people?

I strive to make something unseen. When people see something they haven't seen before, of course they react. And on Instagram people come from all over the world with different ways of seeing, understanding and behaving. I like making work that people either hate or love. To me, it means that you made them feel something.

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