Is the 24K Gold Face Mask Real Luxury or a Gimmick?

Is the 24K Gold Face Mask Real Luxury or a Gimmick?

By Jennifer Hussein

Ever wondered how every Victoria's Secret model seems to have flawless, radiant skin? Other than their incredibly unfair genetics, these Angels seem to have one major secret up their sleeves: a 24K Pure Gold Mask crafted by none other than celebrity skin care extraordinaire Mimi Luzon. This 100 percent gold mask is adored by major supermodels like Irina Shayk, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Naomi Campbell for its alleged ability to disappear fine lines, soothe redness, and give the iridescent glow one could only imagine pure gold can provide to your skin.

So, does this $350 gold skincare regimen really give skin a wrinkle-free, runway-ready glow? I put it to the test to find out.

First off, the packaging is as simplistically glamorous as the product inside. The gold sheets come in a giant golden-hued box, and the packaging itself lets you know that this is meant to be a luxurious experience. The box comes with a mini booklet of gold sheets (which provides enough sheets for up to 4 treatments) and the Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Mask.

Before putting the face mask on, you have to wash your face for a clean, smooth application. You can wash your face with any cleanser of your choosing, so I stuck to my staple Shiseido Purifying Cleanser. Then, you apply two coats of the Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Mask, which gives your skin a very cooling sensation. To apply the gold sheets, you rip three out of the booklet, making sure your fingers only touch the tissue and not the actual gold. Apply one sheet per cheek, then cut one sheet in half for your chin and forehead.

The application was overall pretty easy, but some of the gold didn't transfer off the sheet and kept chipping off my face, which is a bummer considering the fact that I wanted to use every single inch of gold given to me. The mask itself was so weightless and light that it felt like nothing was on my skin. There was a slight tingle from Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Mask, so I knew that good things were happening in my pores.

As instructed, I waited 10 minutes before rubbing off the gold with wet fingers, but not without a little sadness. I looked like a futuristic glam-bot with this mask on, and I wasn't ready to part with this glowing look yet.

Seeing little pieces of gold slide off of my face and go down the sink drain was a pretty bittersweet moment, but at least I got a decent selfie before I wiped it away. Once it was all gone, my skin was truly glowing. My face felt hydrated and radiant before I'd applied even a drop of moisturizer. And bonus: my few tiny but stubborn forehead wrinkles were barely visible in my post-mask glow.

Rather than just another luxurious gimmick, this mask is seriously worth its steep price. Not only does it eliminate dryness, lines and provide a radiant glow, you get to say that your new go-to skincare treatment is pure gold like the bad and boujee beauty queen that you are.

Buy the Mimi Luzon 24K Pure Gold Mask ($349) here.

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