Zayn Malik Goes Pink

Zayn Malik Goes Pink

By Avery Matera

Zayn Malik changed his hairstyle once again, choosing a bright hue of neon pink as his latest hair color. In an Instagram post late Thursday night, Zayn debuted a snap void of a caption, showing off what looked to be hot pink frosted tips atop a brunette-based 'do.

Most recently, Zayn has been sporting an icy blonde style, so this is quite the departure from his latest norm. That said, he's been known to dye his hair everything from lime green to pale purple, so hot pink seems to fall nicely into the rainbow mix. What's more, it's actually not the first time he's tried this rose-colored tone, showing off a longer and paler pink style back in 2016.

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In the snap, Zayn wears a black graphic tee that reads, "Kinda hungry, kinda horny, kinda tired, kinda wanna get a tattoo" along with a statement-making pair of bright red pants. Dipping his toe into another trend au moment, he took a page out of on-again-off-again girlfriend, Gigi Hadid's style playbook with super tiny yellow-lensed sunglasses.

Along with two armfuls of colorful bracelets, Zayn is certainly making a case for the rainbow look for summer, starting with that fluorescent hair we can't stop staring at.

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