Yungblud Responds to 'Trans Wizards Lives Matter' Post Criticism

Yungblud Responds to 'Trans Wizards Lives Matter' Post Criticism

Yungblud has responded to criticism surrounding a recent post in which he wrote, "Trans Wizards Lives Matter."

In celebration of his 23rd birthday yesterday, the musician took to his Instagram to thank fans for their well wishes with a photo of himself dressed up as a Harry Potter character.

"Ive been at hogwarts all day. shame jk fuckin sucks," Yungblud wrote. And while many interpreted his initial addition of the "Trans Wizards Lives Matter" hashtag as a supportive gesture for trans fans of the franchise — especially given the conversation surrounding author J.K. Rowling's recent transphobic comments — others apparently believed he meant that "trans people don't exist but wizards do."

"A joke should be funny. his 'joke' came out as mocking trans people," as another Twitter user wrote. "It's disrespectful know the difference about whats right and what isn't and don't use 'its a joke' as an excuse."

In response to the backlash, Yungblud returned to social media with an apology explaining that the hashtag "wasn't meant to be insensitive." He also quickly changed the hashtag to #TransLivesMatter.

"I only meant to uplift and spread love because i am appalled by what jk has said. i stand with the trans community with all my being. im with you and i will fight with you fucking every day," Yungblud wrote, before responding to a fan who thought the tweet was "cute" by saying that "these were exactly my intentions, but if people are offended I'll address it."

Yungblud also went on to clarify in another response that he meant that "transgender people belong in the wizarding world no matter how ignorant the writer may be."

"You are real. you are heard. i will be by your side fighting with you every fuckin day. that was all i was saying," he continued. "If anyone felt hurt i apologize. i love u."

Following his apology though, the majority of commenters — many of whom are trans — appeared to defend Yungblud, writing that they didn't "get why people were offended."

"He was simply saying that we matter too not just the cis hp fans aka wizards. He wasn't comparing us to wizards," as one Twitter user wrote, while another added, "I'm trans didn't find it offensive i assumed it was him going against what jk has said can people stop talking over trans people please and saying what we should and shouldn't find offensive."

See their tweets, below.

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