Yungblud Describes the First Time He Wore a Dress

Yungblud Describes the First Time He Wore a Dress

"I just feel sexy in it," Yungblud says about wearing dresses when asked whether he'd rather choose the garment or his classic striped shirt look. The singer — whose new EP, The Underrated Youth, is out now — had plenty to say about the first time he put on a dress, along with other style tidbits, for PAPER's Love Language Quiz.

"I was at my next door neighbor's house, her name was Annabelle," he says of the experience. "I was about 11, and she put it on me as a joke. As soon as she put it on me, I kind of unlocked a new avenue within myself. The way it felt on me, I loved the silk on my body. It kind of gave me this confidence, which started out as something humorous!"

Yungblud is famous for his punk rock sense of style, especially in the context of mainstream pop-rock and glittery synth pop. Skirts, little black dresses, and bright pinks make up his closet of everyday tour looks, while in-person, his outfits are a bit more relaxed. "I love black, little, tight dresses. The first time I came to New York, I used to just go into punk shops and buy skirts," he says of his style evolution. "Just high, short little schoolgirl skirts."

The singer not only covered his love of dresses in the interview, but talked about his dream collaborator, favorite songs to play on tour, and his favorite way to dive into a mosh pit. Watch Yungblud's full Love Language Quiz for PAPER, below.

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