Y/Project Served Angelina Jolie-Level Leg in Paris

Y/Project Served Angelina Jolie-Level Leg in Paris

Every now and then at a Y/Project show, a peculiar fashion item will immediately go viral — denim panties, giant UGG boots etc. This season was more subdued, with Creative Director Glenn Martens instead playing more to his design strengths and creating some covetable clothes. But there was definitely a sexier mood in this collection, with bare torsos and Angelina Jolie-level leg action going on (slits hit all the way up to the hip bone). Here's everything else you need to know about the Spring 2020 collection.

Leg Drama

Bias-cut dresses featured super high leg slits that went up to the hip bone and held together with laces. Angelina Jolie would approve.

The New Off-the-Shoulder

Perhaps the most peculiar items in the lineup were the cardigans and jackets that exposed one shoulder in an asymmetrically cut design. They looked purposefully undone and slightly off.

Wide Shoulders

Already a recurring trend on the runways this fashion month, big wide shoulders continued to dominate at the Y/Project show in '80s-style blazers.

Spiraling Out

Sinuous swirls and hypnotic spiral prints were another popular design element and accentuated certain parts of the body.

Ruffled Necklines

Necklines featured big dramatic ruffles that curved around the chest on a full circle or along the edge of a dress.

Photos via Imaxtree