Yolanda Hadid Says She's the 'Worst Mom Ever'

Yolanda Hadid Says She's the 'Worst Mom Ever'

Yolanda Hadid doesn't seem to be sweating over TikTok's criticism of her parenting skills.

In case you need a brief refresher, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member was accused of being a toxic influence on her supermodel daughters — Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid — in a viral video uploaded by user @pattypopculture back in July. Titled "5 Reasons Everyone Hates Yolanda Hadid," the scathing TikTok uses old clips from the show to put the 58-year-old reality star's approach to parenting on blast, arguing that she pressures her kids into adhering to harmful beauty standards and diet culture in order to facilitate their modeling careers.

In one example, @pattypopculture points towards a scene where Yolanda can be seen scolding Gigi after she eats a slice of cake, as well as another instance in which she advises her eldest to have a "couple of almonds" when Gigi tells her that she's "feeling really weak."

"She made sure they never ate anything too calorie-dense, not even cake on their birthday,” as @pattypopculture said, before moving onto Yolanda's treatment of Bella, who's also spoken about her own struggles with disordered eating. Not only that, but the TikToker also went on to revisit Bella's Vogue interview from earlier this year, in which she talks about getting a nose job at 14, though she now wishes she had "kept the nose of my ancestors."



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Now though, Yolanda has seemingly addressed the criticism with her own TikTok featuring a series of clips, in which she can be seen eating almonds while doing everything from driving a golf cart to smelling flowers to hanging out with a horse. And the kicker? Her use of the hashtags "almonds" and "worst mom ever" in the caption.

You can watch Yolanda's nutty TikTok for yourself below.

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