Bella Hadid's Parents Criticized for Getting Her a Nose Job at 14

Bella Hadid's Parents Criticized for Getting Her a Nose Job at 14

Bella Hadid's parents are coming under fire for getting her a nose job as a young teen.

Earlier this week, the supermodel admitted to getting rhinoplasty when she was 14 after always feeling "ugly" and "uncool" compared to sister Gigi Hadid. However, she told Vogueshe now regrets the decision and wishes she'd "kept the nose of my ancestors,” as she believes she would've eventually "grown into it."

That said, Bella's candid admission led to ample criticism of her parents, Mohamed and Yolanda Hadid, with the vast majority of people directing their anger towards on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who they labeled a "terrible mother."

"i honestly feel so sad for bella bc she always talks abt how growing up she always felt like a black sheep/outsider in her family while also feeling bad abt herself," a fan wrote. "And for yolanda to basically confirm her thoughts by letting her get a nose job at 14 is so horrible."

Meanwhile, others accused Yolanda — a former Dutch-American model — of projecting Eurocentric beauty standards upon her children after marrying a Palestinian man, which one Twitter user said made them "really sad."

"we’re out here being conditioned from the dawn of colonization to think that eurocentric features are the pinnacle of beauty," they wrote. "only later do we become conscious of this (if ever)."

The commenter lamented, "And by then a lot of us will have undergone cosmetic surgery to 'fix' our faces according to how we think it looks attractive (which is how society would deem it attractive) — not realizing that in the process we’re erasing our ancestors and our cultures."

Not only that, but many argued that Yolanda contributed to Bella's insecurities by "constantly" describing Gigi as "her 'perfect ralph lauren all american girl' who got more of her Dutch genes than their dad’s Palestinian genes."

"[It] highlights how entrenched beauty standards are with whiteness and eurocentric features," they continued, while another said Yolanda was "attempting to erase their middle eastern features."

The person also went on to say that Yolanda seemingly "micromanaged" her daughters' diets, before a second added that she "encouraged disordered eating and eating disorders in the name of 'maintenance' in both of her girls."

And the conversation then led to the resurfacing of clips from RHOBH, in which Yolanda focuses on Gigi's eating habits, including telling her to eat a "couple of almonds" when Gigi felt "weak" and chiding her for eating a slice of her graduation cake.

Yolanda has yet to respond to the backlash. In the meantime, you can read Bella's original interview here.

Photo via Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris