Yayoi Kusama H​as a Message for Coronavirus

Yayoi Kusama H​as a Message for Coronavirus

by Marissa Matozzo

Yayoi Kusama's art and writing has consoled and motivated fans all over the world throughout her five decade career. Her bold works have long tackled current events, from the Vietnam War to same-sex marriage; from Asian-American stereotype to gender roles.

Today, Kusama shares a powerful poem directed at COVID-19, what she deems "a terrible monster" and a "historic menace." She tells it to "disappear." Victoria Miro, a London-based gallery, shared her message to the virus and the world on its website.

Kusama's lines express her gratitude to those fighting coronavirus, presumably survivors and those who aid the sick or otherwise provide necessary items for the world. She tells us that she is "praying" for us all. She also encourages readers to sing a "song of a splendid future," informing us that it is time we "overcome our unhappiness" through the many methods of creating art. Read the untitled poem in full, below:

Photo via Getty/ Jack Taylor