Yajaira La Beyaca Pops Off on 'VNK3K'

Yajaira La Beyaca Pops Off on 'VNK3K'

Odds are you're already familiar with Yajaira La Beyaca; you've likely seen one of her viral tweets pop up in your timeline at some point. Having seen engagement from the likes of artists like Rosalía and La Zowi, the Venezuelan artist has long been renowned for her Twitter wit — but she's also quickly making waves with her irreverent and infectious sound.

Yajaira La Beyaca returns today with a new visual directed by Manchado for "VNK3K" off her Safriska EP. The track, which is read as "Veneca 3000," reclaims the derogatory term for Venezuelan immigrants, exploring the artist's own experiences with displacement while being Black and queer. A blistering mix of gabber-infused Changa Tuki (otherwise known as Raptor House) with tire screeches and chipmunk vocals peppered in, the single feels reminiscent of early Arca with a future-facing approach to club-ready beats.

The visual itself feels like a couture drag performance unearthed from dark-web creepypasta, with Yajaira waving a glock around a dimly lit parking garage like a high-camp Slenderman. Adorned in a wig made of chains and plastic bags, a pink morph suit, a puffer dress reminiscent of Pierpaolo Piccioli's Moncler work and a pair of large mutant high heels, Yajaira's outlandish look and magnetic presence rides the line between subversive and absurd. (The Babadook should be shaking in her boots.)

Of the track and accompanying visual, Yajaira says:

Este proyecto habla de la búsqueda de una identidad que no existe, realmente exponer mi realidad a través de un cuerpo físico sin forma ; nasi del internet por medio de mis sentimientos por años expongo la realidad d un ser marginalizado nacido de lo más bajo, del mied o, de la calle; en donde venir d donde vengo me convierte en lo que zoy, pero no soy nada. Soy una estrella en el cielo y soy el infierno si kiero.

This project talks about the search for an identity that does not exist, exposing my reality through a physical body without form; I was born from the internet through my feelings. For years I show the reality of being marginalized, being born from the lowest, from fear, from the street; it makes me what I am, but I'm nothing. I am a star in the sky and I am hell if I want to be.

Check out the PAPER premiere of Yajaira La Beyaca's music video for "VNK3K" below.

Photos Courtesy of Yajaira La Beyaca/ Manchado