Wells Fargo Launches "Stand Together" Campaign

Wells Fargo Launches "Stand Together" Campaign

Celebrates 30 years of supporting LGBT organizations.

For Pride Month, Wells Fargo is launching a four-part video series as part of its "Standing Together" campaign, which highlights the accomplishments of four LGBT organizations: Point Foundation (scholarship fund), The Trevor Project (crisis intervention), SAGE (advocacy), and GLSEN (school support groups).

"The work with all the nonprofits we support is driven by Wells Fargo's strong culture of giving back to our communities and we feel that our giving really must reflect the diversity of the customers and the communities that we serve," said John Lake, Wells Fargo's LGBT segment lead. He added, "Strategically we wanted to move beyond just a celebratory rainbow campaign. We wanted to go deeper and tell some real, authentic stories about some of the most vulnerable members of the community and really bring some awareness to the organizations that are addressing those needs."

While in recent years Pride Month has seen exponential growth in support by companies looking to tap into a statistically wealthier demographic, Wells Fargo has been supporting the LGBT community for 30 years, donating upwards of $50 million dollars to organizations. Further driving the point home, and recognizing that its customers are queer all year, not just June, Lake said, "Customers don't just want brands to talk about support for causes. You really have to show it and it has to be authentic and address critical issues to the segment you are addressing."

See the rest of the videos below.


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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Devin Kasparian