Bagels Every Real New Yorker Will Want to Make

Bagels Every Real New Yorker Will Want to Make

Story by Mickey Boardman

This article is a sponsored collaboration between WW and PAPER

I love food but like many New Yorkers, the only things you'll usually find in my refrigerator are sparkling water, condiments and a few WW (formerly Weight Watchers) staples like unsweetened apple sauce and grapes. I never, ever cook and I feel like I have zero natural instincts in the kitchen. But even that couldn't stop me after hearing about the internet famous WW two-ingredient dough.

SmartPoints distill complex nutritional information into one simple number. All WW plans have customized SmartPoints budget to help guide members towards healthier eating habits. With just self rising flour and greek yogurt a Four SmartPoint bagel can be made. Four SmartPoints. For a bagel. The dough is versatile and can be used for so many other favorites including pizza crust. Carb lovers rejoice!

Being a total novice in the kitchen, it seemed like a great idea to invite a friend and fellow WW member to join me in this easy cooking adventure, so I emailed Aliza Licht, PR legend and best-selling author of Leave Your Mark, an incredible guide to advancing in your career. Aliza is a true New Yorker who can walk through a blizzard in stilettos and apply flawless makeup in the back of a moving taxi but, like me, has zero skills in the kitchen. Who better to join me making bagels and pizza? What could go wrong?

Click here to see the full recipe for WW's Pizza with Two-Ingredient Dough and here for the Two-Ingredient Bagels.

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