Jameela Jamil Interviewed Lizzo About Self-Love and Oprah

Jameela Jamil Interviewed Lizzo About Self-Love and Oprah

Lizzo, queen of bops and body positivity, was a guest on Jameela Jamil's new I Weigh Instagram TV show today. The wisdom she dispensed? Immeasurable.

I Weigh was basically designed for Lizzo, whose self-love mantra pervades her music and social media presence. During the interview, she and Jamil talked about the slow, slow march towards representation of more diverse bodies in the media ("I definitely didn't have, growing up, a lot of people to look up to who looked like me who were called beautiful," Lizzo said), as well as the singer's journey towards acceptance ("I realized no matter how I look, someone's always gonna have something to say about it. But all that matters is what I think.")

But they had some harder conversations, too. Lizzo talked about the backlash she received for allowing Oprah to use her song to promote Weight Watchers ("How do you say no to Oprah?") and more generally how it feels to be criticized by a movement you consider yourself a part of.

Lizzo and Jamil also delved into the topic of allyship, especially within feminist spaces. Lizzo spoke about how white women have the power to help propel the voices of Black women forward — as she put it, "You'd have the power to make guacamole free at Chipotle, if you guys truly banded together." She also said her biggest hope was for women to unite and change the world: "The biggest enemy to marginalized groups is division. Why aren't we all marching together? We've been tricked into thinking our problems are different."

Exactly. Watch the whole interview, here.

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