Watch JLo Awkwardly Address Her Relationship with Drake

Watch JLo Awkwardly Address Her Relationship with Drake

Do you remember Dra-Lo? The rollercoaster romance (or was it?) between one bonafide MILF and one sadboy-underdog-turned-buff-but-forever-lonely-Instagram-sensation? You might recall it was a real thing for a second there.

Well, this just in, impossibly ageless queen Jenny was asked on the red carpet to address her relationship with Drake and boy did she tease us just enough to keep us coming back for more/buying whatever products they create together.

It all began when Ryan Seacrest (of course!) asked baby J if she was rooting for Grammy nominated-Drake.

"Of course. I love Drake. He's so brilliant. Talented. Amazing," JLo responded, gushing accordingly. "We made a song together and um..."

"Created sparks?" Prompted cheeky devil Seacrest going in for the kill, knowing full well he's creating a very awkward moment for media-trained JLo and loving every minute of it.

"Yes, absolutely," JLo admits, before realizing she's said too much. "We hung out. We have a great time. And he's amazing. I have so much love for him."

Sparks in the studio or out, JLo? Did you hang out as friends or lovers, JLo? Do you have a great time because you are making sweet love, JLo? How amazing really is Drake, JLo? WHAT KIND OF LOVE, JLO?!?

Just any of the follow-up questions that might have worked well, @RyanSeacrest.

[h/t Harper's Bazaar]
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