Watch Courtney Love Embrace a Tragic Beverly Hills Fantasia In Menendez Brothers Lifetime Movie

If you haven't been keeping up with the Lifetime Original Movies release schedule (if not, shame on you – has James Franco taught you nothing?), they've got a Menendez Brothers movie coming down the pike featuring problematic goddess Courtney Love. Menendez: Blood Brothers tells the tale of two of the nations most notorious murderin' yuppies, Lyle and Erik Menendez, who killed their parents in 1989 and subsequently, became a court TV sensation. Love plays their doomed mother, Kitty Menendez and wow, she is really living her tragic Beverly Hills fantasy. Crying in red bugle beads, looking at herself in the mirror saying, "Just get through this day, Kitty," sadly tending to greenhouse flowers in cocktail attire, shrieking - it's a complete look. If you love true crime and true shoulder pads, you can catch the premiere of Menendez: Blood Brothers on June 11th.

Watch the trailer below...

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