Watch Bebe Huxley's Trippy Subversion of the Male Gaze in "Venom"

Watch Bebe Huxley's Trippy Subversion of the Male Gaze in "Venom"

We asked the Music Video Gods for a new visual that challenges the way we think about desire and sexuality (and also looks really cool) and Bebe Huxley has provided. The Los Angeles singer's performances always challenge stereotypes about gender and sexuality, celebrating fluidity and queer life and art. Her latest video, "Venom" is no different.

Says Huxley: "The trip in 'Venom' is about what it means to face my understanding of being a sexually empowered woman, and the internalized shame that can come as a result. In the darkest part of the trip, I become a pervy old man getting off to a camgirl, who I also play. I embody the male gaze and my own complicity with it. The rules of femininity are a powerful poison, deadly unless we take control and use it the way we want to. You can't fuck with self-possession, which is something that I've learned through genderfuck performance. I am a queer, sensitive, viscous, self-destructive and sincere Scorpio to the bone. My music is about dying and being reborn into the next version of myself that will know more, love better, and fight harder than the past of my many broken shells."

Watch above and strap in for the ride.

Image courtesy Bebe Huxley