Vagabon Goes Global

Vagabon Goes Global

By Tobias HessDec 06, 2023

Vagabon is in her popstar era. Or maybe, “era” is a misnomer. Laetitia Tamko is, after all, is the type of artist who defies such stylistic periodization. Her work isn’t guided by genre as much as it is by her genuine curiosity and expansive sonic palate. She’s traversed vast aural and thematic worlds in just three albums. Beginning first with her debut, Infinite Worlds, she introduced herself as an eminently tender and clever writer, before her next, self-titled album pivoted towards a dreamier, more shimmery sound. Her newest album, Sorry I Haven’t Called, packs the big feelings of a perfect pop moment while bringing in the rhythmic propulsion of global dance music. It’s a joyous, often moving listen, as Vagabon pairs frank reflections on grief with a sound that draws you towards the dance floor.

New rhythms bring with them new experiences. And on tour, Vagabon has been soaking it in, if not also tiring herself out along the way. Both in the States and in Europe, Vagabon has captivated fans with her expanding live show. Opening up for Weyes Blood in Milan, joyously dancing in Germany (the country where she wrote the record), headlining a hometown hero’s moment in Brooklyn: it’s all a whirlwind.

Thankfully, Vagabon was generous enough to bring PAPER in, documenting and sharing some favorite moments from a chaotic, often beautiful, time on the road.

Home game at Music Hall of Williamsburg. It’s the day before my birthday and my friends and family filled the backstage halls. I’m so happy to be back home and back in Brooklyn where I started making music. I didn’t get a chance to tour my self-titled album back in 2020 so returning to the stage with a new album and hearing the crowd singing along? I can’t even describe the feeling!

Backstage at Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin! I have such a fondness for Germany. I wrote my album Sorry I Haven’t Called while living in a small countryside village here.

First time ever playing in Utretch! It’s such a charming city. We played at TivoliVredenburg which is practically inside of a mall, [laughs] perfect!

Paris, I love you! By this point, I was two months into non-stop touring and feeling so tired. Then, I walked into one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever played, Salle Pleyel in Paris. These photos were taken outside of my dressing room, with a view of the neighboring castle. Up until a few years ago, this venue was used for orchestral classical music. Hands down, my favorite night of the tour!

Milan! Antwerp! My first show in both cities. Both with my pal Weyes Blood. I only had enough hours in Milan to get a delicious pizza with Dillon (Weyes Blood’s guitarist) and play the show. I can’t wait to return. Antwerp had the most charming backstage area, and it matched my stage clothes for the night.