This Lockbox Will Clean and Charge Your Sex Toys For You

This Lockbox Will Clean and Charge Your Sex Toys For You

While it's true we are shifting towards an increasingly more sex positive society, we are still faced with a whole host of unprecedented issues. According to 2018, you are allowed your vibrator, dildos, butt plugs and anal beads, but what does one do with them? Should you keep them inside a shoebox of shame that's ready to pull out when you want some one-on-one time? And if so, when are you supposed to charge them? When should you wash them?

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If you've experienced one or more of these dilemmas then you'll be happy to know there is something on the sex market here to change your life, and it goes by the name of UVee. The product is essentially a sleek lockbox (complete with a combination lock) that stores your sex toys, while simultaneously charging and cleaning them. No, this is not too good to be true, nor #sponcon, just a freaking brilliant idea.

Creator Carrie Martz developed the patented technology when she realized there was no universal method to safely clean toys — your dishwasher can ruin them, running water over them doesn't do the trick and using soaps can interfere with your PH levels. What's a gal to do?

"We have seen a tremendous amount of interest from females and also from the gay population. It is simple to use, all you have to do is wipe your toy off of any visual residue and then put it in and it automatically starts the process," Martz says, explaining that when 44% of females aged 18-50 are engaging with sex toys it makes sense to have a system that caters to all our needs.

When you pop your toys inside, Martz claims a "virtual Star Wars" takes place with UV-C germicidal lights built into a grid system "shooting light into every nook and cranny." This essentially solves three problems at once: cleaning, charging and storage. It only takes 10 minutes for the system to do it's thing, then it automatically shuts off. Also get this — you can literally put anything else in there that needs sanitization and it will go to work: cell phones, cosmetic tools, baby products, remote controls... anything.

Be warned, UVee systems aren't exactly cheap, they come at $119.99 for a smaller box (which would fit only a couple of toys), and $179.99 (which is practically a red room for charging and sanitizing). But if you are a sexual human in 2018 who privileges safety and cleanliness, no expense spared, right?

Go forth and pleasure yourselves.

Photos Courtesy of UVee