Experts Warn Against TikTok's DIY Lip Filler Trend

Experts Warn Against TikTok's DIY Lip Filler Trend

Experts are currently warning TikTokers against participating in the DIY lip filler trend.

If you've been anywhere near the platform recently, you've probably seen a few videos of people injecting their lips with Hylauron pens, which were originally developed for insulin injections.

Using air pressure instead of a needle, the pens are now being touted as a pain-free way to plump up your lips at home by YouTubers like Baby Em (who's since deleted her tutorial video). That said, doctors are now worried about the dangerous trend and have begun warning people about some serious potential side effects.

According to Insider's interview with dermatologist Debra Jaliman, the hyaluronic acid dermal filler used in these types of videos can lead to lumps, swelling and, in some cases, blindness.


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"This is really one of the worst things I've seen," she told the publication, before adding that some of the products advertised as "fillers" on Amazon "may not even be real fillers."

Not only that, but Jaliman also went on to note that the people in these videos aren't using proper sterilizing techniques, which can cause a severe infection. Plus, injecting fillers on yourself can be a tricky process without the proper training, since you may hit a blood vessel or damage any other vulnerable areas. So needless to say, if you really want fillers, go to a licensed medical professional and please, please, please don't try this at home.

Read Insider's full report, here.

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