Uffie's 'Papercuts' Is One of Her Best Songs to Date

Uffie's 'Papercuts' Is One of Her Best Songs to Date

The re-emergence of Uffie, Internet OG and electronic scion of the future, has been one of the best surprises of 2018. Having already released the deceptively cute slow-drip of "Drugs," the nostalgic "Your Hood," and the raw and radio-ready "Sideways," Uffie blesses us today with a new track, "Papercuts."

The track peels back more layers to Uffie's chameleonic persona, revealing a darker heart than before. Sonically, it boasts a delicious bassline and vocoder coos that calls to mind the spectral French-pop of influential acts like Charlotte Gainsbourg. Vocally, Uffie adopts a tone of almost childlike insouciance to grab our attention, as if attempting to disguise the world-weary vulnerability percolating just beneath the surface. And lyrically, Uffie amps up the drama, comparing the irritation of a common papercut to the specific pain of unrequited love. Basically, you can tell she really means it when she sings "stab me in the heart" and "push the knife deeper."

"'Papercuts' comes from a very deep and real place, in the darkest chamber of my heart," Uffie tells PAPER. "It's about finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, but they're not as sure about you. You don't know if they're in or out, up or down. And it gets so painful, you'd rather they stab you in the heart so you'll never have to love again, than face a death by a million paper cuts."

Dra. Ma! Let it out, sis. Enjoy the PAPER premiere of "Papercuts," below — it's one of Uffie's best songs to-date.

Selfie courtesy of Uffie