Get a Free Haircut for Telling Your Breakup Story

Get a Free Haircut for Telling Your Breakup Story

A salon in Japan is offering the chance to get a free haircut if you agree to share your tale of heartbreak with a stylist. Located in the upscale Koenji neighborhood of Tokyo, Cowen will lend a sympathetic ear to your story of unrequited love while they transform your hair.

And it doesn't even have to be a real person. It can very well be an actor or a musician you're crushing on — or even an anime character. The offer is open to everyone, and all stories of love regardless of sexuality are valid.

The reason behind this strange generosity is a joint promotion with online content creator Hyakuman Volt, that will also sponsor the free haircuts. Dubbed The Heartbreak Salon, the company will then mine your tragic tales as a point of inspiration for romantic manga projects (though no specific personal information will be used).

The offer runs for two weeks, but it's reportedly all booked up by enthusiastic external processors. Luckily, the salon promises to bring back the promotion in the future should it be successful in its current trial phase.

Until then, you can continue to convince your friend that your relationship with Timothée Chalamet wasn't just in your head.

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