How to Achieve TikTok's Viral 'Clean Look'

How to Achieve TikTok's Viral 'Clean Look'

by Emira D'Spain

In the past few weeks, an influx of "clean look" TikToks has dominated the FYP. As of right now, the tag has 14 million views.

Though there has been a good deal of discourse on the app regarding what exactly "clean beauty" means, some of the main requirements are: clean skin (minimal makeup), sleek hair and fluffy eyebrows.

Of course, the trend isn't without its controversy. Many have argued that the "clean" look, as promoted on TikTok, excludes those with acne, scaring, big noses and other features deemed "imperfect," not to mention the vast majority of videos highlighting strictly non-POC creators.

PAPER knows anyone can achieve the clean look. All it takes is a bit of modification to fit your own natural beauty; if you have 4a+ hair, rather than struggling to slick all your luscious locks into a tight bun, gel down the front part and let your curls fall in the back of your head. If you have acne scars, working with just a hydrating serum and moisturizer will do wonders, without masking the marks with a full-coverage product.

Below, a few of our favorite creators show how they achieve the trend — without forcing the generic TikTok beauty standard.



Mastering the “Clean Look” for my mixed/POC friends! 🤎🤍🌹 #cleanlook #makeup #richlook #expensive



Getting the “clean look” down for all my POC besties 🤎 #cleanlook #makeup #richlook #expensive



this also happens to be my everyday routine 🥲 #skincare #cleanlook #clearskin

Watch PAPER's take on the clean look and see below for our favorite products to help get you there.


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