The Rebirth of Tiffany Young

The Rebirth of Tiffany Young

You may not recognize the new Tiffany Young. The Asian-American idol went from her dark, blunt bob to long blonde locks, all to make a point: she's reborn.

On Friday, Tiffany introduces the world to the new her with the release of her latest single and music video, "Born Again." Building up to the song's drop, the artist drove her fans into a frenzy by pulling a Blake Lively and wiping her whole Instagram account clean. The single, produced by Fernando Garibay (who's worked with stars like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears), was highly-anticipated by all her 7 million followers. And according to a press release, upon its release at 12:00AM EST on Friday, "#TiffanyYoung was trending Worldwide on Twitter within the first 10 minutes."

The song, which is her fourth solo single, is all about starting anew and reinventing yourself. This clearly reflects the experiences of the Korean-American singer, who made a huge career move by going to Los Angeles to flourish as a solo artist and actress. "This song and music video was a very emotional and personal journey inspired by all the tragedy and pain I've had to mask with a smile throughout my career," Tiffany said in a press release. "'Born Again' is symbolic of my passion to always fight to grow from these experiences."

She also tweeted about the MV specifically, "I really emotionally prepped for this video. Closed my eyes and thought about all of our unforgettable memories, with some of painful ones I wish I could forget, & thought about how grateful I am to have this chance in life you give me."

"Born Again" is also the first single from Tiffany Youngs forthcoming EP, Lips On Lips, which drops on February 22nd, 2019 at 12:00AM EST. She she says is "definitely about my truth, in the sense of there has always been a darkness and struggle, and it's only now that I get to talk about it openly." She continued in the press release, "This EP is a rebirth to me entirely; mind body and soul. It's about my dark and light, my passion pleasure pain all in one."

Watch and listen to the masterpiece that is "Born Again" below.

Image via Instagram