Who is Katy Perry? This question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer as the singer's rebrand as a pop star for the "woke" gen, putting out songs about being "chained" to "rhythm"s and such, doesn't seem to be reflected in her actual persona. Ol' Katy, who has forever been very bizarre (masquerading as goofy and lovable) and now it appears to have finally caught up to her.

While drinking iced Starbucks and living her life on Instagram Live yesterday, a fan had the unfortunate candor to write to the star "I miss your old black hair." Only Katy could take this comment and offer a very confusing, unwittingly (I assume?) racist response where she compared her hair to Barack Obama, presumably because both Katy's hair and the former president were/are black.

"Oh really, do you miss Barack Obama as well? Oh OK, times change, bye," she jeered, looking at those around her for laughs. Also, of course everyone misses Barack Obama, is that even a question?

Not only did Katy's video make headlines almost instantly, it has also resurfaced Katy's treatment of The Weeknd's producer Mano, who tweeted back in 2013 that Katy Perry called him the N-word.

Here is the original tweet:

And here is Mano's fleshing out of what exactly went down.

Katy is yet to further explain any of her remarks, I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime, how about we revisit this little gem!!

But seriously who okay'ed that.

[h/t Stereogum]
Image via BFA

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